Below are the steps to adjust the image stitching settings for your camera via Reolink Client to get a better stitching effect.

Applies to: Reolink Duo 2 PoE, Reolink Duo 2 WiFi, Reolink Duo 2, Reolink Duo 2 LTE, Reolink Duo Floodlight PoE, and Reolink Duo Floodlight WiFi.

Please refer to the below video to set up image stitching via Reolink Client.

Step 1. Click the Device Settings button and go to Display > Advanced.

camera settings.png


Step 2. Click Set Up under Image Stitching to view and adjust image stitching settings.



Distance: the distance between the camera and the object. The default distance is 8 meters. If the object is close to or far from the camera and results in object missing or ghosting, you can adjust the distance value. The adjustable range is 2m - 20m.
Horizontal: The value represents how many pixels the two images from the dual lens are overlapped horizontally. To decrease the value means to separate the two images, and to increase the value means to close the gap between the two images.
Vertical: To decrease the value means to move the image on the right down, and to increase the value means to move it up.

Note: Only a few scenes might need to be fine-tuned. Users are not required to manually adjust the distance, horizontal and vertical parameters for most of the scenes.