If your camera needs to be imported APN information, please follow the following steps:

1. Create a txt file named "my_custom_apn". Please note the file name my_custom_apn.txt cannot be changed. Or you may contact Reolink support to provide you with the txt file format.

2. The file content is as below


password=123 ( you could contact the mobile carrier to know your SIM card's username, password, and APN)

3. Upload the "my_custom_apn.txt" to the root directory of your Micro SD card. Please make sure your SD card is 16GB or 32 GB in FAT 32 format.
4. Turn off the camera, then install the SD card and power on the camera. Please wait for about 20 seconds and press the reset button with a needle to factory reset the camera.

5. Once reset, you will see the status red led light flash 3 times during the factory reset process.

The camera will update the APN information automatically, then reboot and you will see solid blue led light for 3s after that red solid led will light up, then you will hear"APN setting has been imported successfully. Network connection succeeded" voice if import the APN is successful.