Here we will guide you to playback recorded videos via Reolink NVRs.

Applies to: RLN8-410 (hardware version H3MB18/N2MB02/N3MB01/N7MB01), RLN16-410 (hardware version H3MB18/N6MB01), RLN36 and RLN12W.

Here is a detailed video for your reference:

You can also follow the steps below to playback recordings on Reolink NVRs.

Step 1. Log in to the NVR on a monitor, and click the Playback button to enter the Playback page.


Step 2. Choose the camera you want to check. If you want to playback multiple cameras (up to 4) at the same time, you can double-click on the playback screen to switch to four channels.

Note: If what you have are 8MP/12MP cameras, you can only playback one camera at a time.


Step 3. Choose a date. The date(s) has recordings will have a blue spot. Left-click the timeline to select the time to playback the recordings.


Step 4. If you only want to check the motion recordings, tick Alarm Only and select the types of motions that you want to check.


Step 5. Change the Playback Speed according to your demands.

1. Slow Down the recordings.

2. Playback the recordings Frame by Frame.

3. Playback fast Backwards.

4. Playback fast Forwards.


5. Smart Playback: This feature can only be found when you playback one camera in a single screen. When enabled, recordings without motions will be played at 4X speed, and recordings with motion events will be played at normal speed. It applies to both motion recordings and continuous recordings.