This article will take you to learn how to playback recordings. Please make sure you have installed Reolink Client on your PC.

Applies to: Reolink NVRs and cameras with Micro SD card slot.

Note: The actual interface may vary depending on the specific model.

Here we will guide you to playback recorded videos on Reolink Client by the following steps.

For Reolink cameras:

For Reolink NVRs:

Step 1. Launch Reolink Client and login into your Reolink device, then click the Playback button to enter the Playback page. And drag the camera to the playback page. Taking 812A as an example.

playback camera new client

For NVRs/Home Hub:

On the left side menu, click the dropdown icon icon to show the camera list under NVR/Home Hub. 

dropdown list of NVR new client

Hold the left mouse button on the camera that you want to playback and drag it to the playback interface.
playback new client

Step 2. You can playback certain recordings by searching videos.

  • Choose a date by clicking the calendarcalendar. The date(s) with recordings will have a blue spot.
  • Without clicking the filter button, timer recordings are displayed by default. Click the filter button for any motion, person, vehicle, pet recording and visitor, then only the corresponding alarm recordings will be shown. The filter buttons are related to the alarm types supported by the camera. If the camera does not support smart detection, there will be no corresponding alarm filter button.

Left-click the recording bar to playback the recording of a certain time.

playback bar new client.

For NVRs:

1. If you want to playback several cameras at the same time, please double-click the playback interface and drag the camera you want to the panel. 

playback multiple cameras

2. If you want to zoom in on the timeline, please scroll the mouse and drag the slider to choose the time. 

playback bar

Step 3. Click the Stream mode button in the camera's playback and you could choose Fluent or Clear mode to playback.

fluent clear

Step 4. You can change the playback speed by clicking the Speed icon. And if you want to check a recording more precisely, click the Frame by Frame icon.

playback speed new client

If you want to cut and download recordings, you can refer to the links below:

If your camera belongs to Duo series, please playback the recordings according to the following video:

For TrackMix series: