When the camera is patrolling, the speeds at which it goes to different patrol points can vary. So can the stay time at each point. You may customize them.

Applies to: RLC-423, RLC-423W, RLC-523WA, RLC-823A, RLC-823A 16X on RLN8-410, RLN16-410, RLN36

This article shows you how to set up the patrol speed and stay time at a patrol point for your camera on Reolink NVR with a monitor connected. 

Step 1. Enter the live-view page of the camera on the NVR monitor. Then click the PTZ icon to call the PTZ menu.


Step 2. Click the Settings gear icon of Patrol on the PTZ menu.


Step 2. All the patrol points of the patrol route are displayed on this page. Click the Settings gear icon of the specific patrol point to configure the Duration and Speed. Then click Confirm.

5._add_more_patrol_point.jpg.png  6._change_time_and_spped_for_patrol_point.jpg 

Step 3. You can set the patrol speed and duration of other presets by repeating Step 2.

  • Duration: The time for which the camera will stay at this patrol point (1-300 seconds).
  • Speed: The speed at which the camera moves to the specific patrol point. The larger the number, the faster the moving speed.