It could happen that you have mounted the camera upside down, and the image of the camera will also be inverted. In that situation, flipping the image will help.

Applies to: RLN8-410, RLN16-410, RLN36 and all Reolink NVR compatible cameras except for Reolink Duo series cameras

If you need to turn the image of the camera upside down or mirror the image on the NVR monitor, you could refer to this article. Please note that Reolink cameras only support flipping the image vertically and horizontally by 180 degrees.

Step 1. Enter the live-view page of your camera on the NVR monitor, left-click the live view to pop up the toolbar, and click Camera Settings.


Step 2. Then go to Camera > Display. You can turn on Flip Display to flip the image vertically, and Screen Mirroring to flip the image horizontally. 


Note: Reolink Duo series cameras do not support flipping images.