Upgrading the firmware of your camera or NVR is not a tough task. Below is a detailed instruction that will guide you to upgrade it on Reolink Client step by step.

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs and cameras (excluding battery-powered cameras).

Note: Before upgrading, please download Reolink Client on your PC first.

Step 1.  Visit Download Center – Reolink to download the latest firmware (choose the correct model and hardware version according to your devices). Unzip the compressed firmware file and make sure the firmware (.pak file) is on your PC desktop.

Step 2. Launch Reolink Client and log in to your cameras/NVRs, then go to Device Settings > System > Maintenance and click Firmware Update.

firmware update.png

Step 3. Click Browse to select the correct firmware file (.pak file), and then click Upgrade.


For RLN8-410 (N7MB01/v3.3.0.282_23103128 or later), RLN16-410 (N6MB01/v3.3.0.282_23103153 or later), RLN36 (v3.3.0.282_23103105 or later) and RLN12W, you can choose to upgrade the NVR as well as cameras connected to the NVR via the Client.
To upgrade a specific camera, click the arrow down icon next to Channel Selection and select the camera that you need. 



1. If you don't want to restore your camera or NVR settings to factory status, please uncheck/don't enable the Reset Configuration option.


2. Only Reolink Client version 8.14.0 or above can support upgrading cameras connected to the NVR. 

3. If you fail to upgrade the firmware of your camera or NVR via Reolink Client, please refer to Fail to Upgrade Firmware via Reolink Client to shoot the problem.

Here is a video of the firmware update for your reference: