Here is the brief introduction for the buttons on the Live View Page of Reolink Client.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs


The Live View page could be divided into 4 parts:

Program settings:

  1. device_settings_icon.png: client local settings
  2. lock_icon.png: click to lock the Reolink Client
  3. exit_icon.png: exit the Client 
  5. maximum_screen.png/mixmum_icon.png: click to full screen or minimum the screen
  6. put_away_button.png: click to put away the PC Client

Live stream area:

  1. motion_detection_icon.png: shows that the camera detected a motion
  2. two_way_audio.png: click to talk to the camera
  3. timelapse.png: click to use the time-lapse function
  4. audio_alarm.png: click to turn on the siren alarm
  5. spotlight.png: click to turn on the spotlight
  6. ptz.png: click to use pan/tilt/zoom 
  7. record.png : click to manually record
  8. snapshot.png: click to snapshot manually
  9. hide_device_list.png: hide device list

Device List Area:

  1. add_device.png: click to add device
  2. expand.png: click to expand dual lenses/NVR device list
  3. 1.png: click to enter the Device Settings page
  4. edit.png: click to edit the login information
  5. retry.png: click to retry
  6. battery.png: shows the battery level of the battery-powered camera
  7. motion_detection_icon_2.png: shows that motion is detected
  8. no_SD_card_is_detected.png: shows that no SD card is detected
  9. right_click.png: right-click the mouse in this area to “get info, delete, rename, disconnect” the camera

Shortcut Bar:

  1. previous.png/next.png: click to go to the previous/next camera's live stream
  2. scrollview.png: click to automatically monitor images of different cameras on Reolink Client 
  3. volume.png: move the slider to adjust the volume
  4. split.png: click to divide the screen for multiple windows for the cameras
  5. enlarge.png: click to enter the full screen or hit ESC on the keyboard to exit full screen