This article will guide you to configure the output resolution of the NVR. Check the details below.

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs with Hw No. H3MB18, N3MB01, N2MB02, N5MB01, N6MB01, N7MB01

Step 1. Log in the NVR on the monitor and go to Menu > System > General page.


Step 2. You can change the output settings on this page.

Screen Resolution: it's the output resolution of the NVR. Please do not select the resolutions that exceed the resolution of your monitor, or it may not be able to display. 

Scrollview Time: You may adjust the setting of the scroll view time of your cameras. It's the tour time for the cameras to switch automatically when you view them.

Auto-Lock Time: It's the time the NVR locks automatically. If you created a login password for it, you need to enter the password to log into the menu of the NVR again when you exceed the auto-lock time.

Allow to go back to the previous with a right-click: If you enable this option, you can go back to the previous page of the menu by right-clicking the mouse.

Mouse Sensitivity: You may adjust the sensitivity of the mouse connected to the NVR.