This is a detailed guide for you to learn how to install the outdoor security mount for your camera.

There are two kinds of brackets.

Mount the Camera to the Wall

Step 1. Drill holes in accordance with the mounting hole template and screw the security mount to the wall.


Note: Use the drywall anchors included in the package if needed.

Step 2. Screw the antenna to the camera.


Note: In order to get a better network connection, it is recommended to install the antenna upward or horizontally.

Step 3. Screw the camera to the security mount and adjust to the proper direction.


Mount the Camera to the Ceiling

Step 1. Pull the button on the security mount and unscrew the bracket to separate the two parts.


Step 2. Install the bracket base on the ceiling with screws.


Step 3. Align the camera with the bracket and turn the camera unit clockwise to lock it in position.



Install the Camera with Loop Strap

You are allowed to strap the camera to a tree with both the security mount and ceiling bracket. Thread the provided strap through the slots of the plate and fasten it to a tree. Next, attach the camera to the plate as you have done in the previous two methods.


Done! You've installed the Argus PT/ GO PT successfully.

Note: The best way to install the camera is to install it upside down in order to prevent water from flowing into the microphone hole.