The following steps describe how to restore your Reolink cameras and NVRs to factory default settings via Reolink Client.

Applies to:  All Reolink cameras and NVRs

Here is a video for your reference:

Step 1. Please go to Device settings > System > Maintenance page, then you will find the Restore button at the bottom.


Step 2. Please click the Restore button, then it will pop out "Warning: Device will be restored to factory settings and reboot. Do you wish to continue?” if you confirm you want to restore, please click the Confirm button.


Now you have restored your camera's settings to factory status. 

Step 3. It takes some time to reboot and reconnect. Then the camera will show the "Incorrect Password" message, and then leave the password blank (the camera's default password is blank), click Login.


Step 4. Create a new password for the camera. Input the password twice, and click Next.


Step 5. Name a device name, and click Finish. Now you can live view the camera.