Applies to: RLN8-410 (hardware version H3MB18/N2MB02/N3MB01/N7MB01), RLN16-410 (hardware version H3MB18/N6MB01), RLN36 and RLN12W.

You may follow the steps below to set up an e-mail alert via Reolink NVRs.

Step 1. Right-click on the live-view page and click the Settings icon at the bottom right corner to enter the menu. 

Note: Before setting the email attachment, please make sure that your NVR is connected to the Internet/router.


Step 2. Then go to Surveillance Email Alerts and enable Email Alerts. Then click Settings.


Step 3. Fill in the information required. Click Apply to save settings.


  • SMTP Server and STMP Port: The SMTP Server and the SMTP Port of the Sender Address.

Note: The SMTP Server and the SMTP Port may vary depending on your email service provider. If you are using Gmail as the Sender Email, you may leave the default SMTP Server ( and default Port (465) unchanged. However, if you set other emails, such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, as the Sender Email, you will need to input the corresponding SMTP server & SMTP port.

  • Sender: Input the address of the email that sends out motion alert emails.
  • Password: Input the password of sender email.
  • Recipient: Input the address of the email that receives motion alert emails. The recipient address can be the same as the sender address.
  • Content: Select the content (pictures or videos) that will be attached to the motion-alert motion emails. You can choose to disable it if you want notification only.
  • Interval: Once set, only one motion-alert email will be sent even if the alarm is triggered multiple times during a time interval.


1. The headline of email alerts for each camera model may be slightly different. 

2. The headline of email alerts is set by default and cannot be customized.