With the Patrol function, you can set your camera to patrol different areas at the speed and with the stay time customized by you.

Applies to: RLC-423, RLC-423W, RLC-523WA, RLC-823 Series (RLC-823A, RLC-823A 16X, RLC-823S1, RLC-823S2, RLC-823S1W)

Refer to the following steps to configure the patrol route for your camera via Reolink Client. Please note that you must set up presets for your camera before setting up a patrol route.

Step 1. Launch the Reolink Client and enter the live-view page of your camera. Then click the PTZ button.


Step 2. Click Patrol on the PTZ panel. Then click the Add button.

2._click_patrol.png  3._click_add_button.png   

Step 3. Tick to choose the patrol points you need. For example, a patrol route of "1-2-3" has been successfully set up as shown in the picture below.

Click edit patrol points.png to edit the patrol speed (refers to the speed at which the camera moves from the previous patrol point to that patrol point) and the patrol time (refers to the stay time at that patrol point).

4._tick_patrol_points.png  5._create_a_patrol_route.png  6._change_patrol_time_and_speed.png


1. Now click start patrolling.png and the camera will start to patrol; click stop patrolling.png and the patrol will be suspended.

2. You may click refresh patrol points.png to refresh the patrol points in case they have not been modified automatically as you modified the presets.

3. You could add the same preset repeatedly in a patrol route.

4. You can change the order of the patrol points by dragging them with your mouse. Then the patrol route will change accordingly.

5. You can click the Trash Can button to delete the patrol points. Once all the patrol points are deleted, the patrol route is deleted accordingly.