This article shows you how to enable/disable preview via Reolink NVR on the monitor.

Applies to: RLN8-410 (hardware version H3MB18/N2MB02/N3MB01/N7MB01), RLN16-410 (hardware version H3MB18/N6MB01), RLN36

Method 1

Step 1. Please go to the Preview interface and then click Settings.


Step 2. It will go to the camera setting interface. Please choose the channel that you want to enable/disable preview at first. Click Display to find the Disable Preview option.


Method 2

Step 1. Left-click the live view of the camera to pop up toolbar, click Preview On/Off to disable the preview.


Step 2. Click Open or Preview On/Off icon to enable the preview.


Also, here is a video for your reference: