If you want the NVR to give out an alarm sound when the camera detects motion, or the NVR keeps beeping because of it, refer to this article to enable/disable the buzzer.

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs.

Step1. Log in to your NVR, then click Settings.


Step2. Go to Surveillance > Buzzer, enable Buzzer for the NVR, then select a camera, enable Schedule for the camera, configure detection types, and schedule.


Step3. There are several detection types: Any Motion, Person, Vehicle and Pet (varies from different model). Please choose either of them or combine two options/all of them together according to your needs. Click Apply to Other Cameras to copy the schedule to other channels, and then click Save button.


Note: For PoE NVR with hardware version H3MB16/H3MB02/H3MB06, the buzzer setting interface is slightly different, and it does not have a schedule setting. You can directly enable the camera's Buzzer to turn it on.