This article will guide you to set up an email alert for your camera, which helps to know when the camera detects a motion in time.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs.

Here is a video to set up an email alert for your device on Reolink Client.

Step 1. Log in to your camera and go to camera Settings > Surveillance > Email.


Step 2. Fill in the information required.

Please choose the right SMTP Server, enable SSL or TLS, and enter the right SMTP port, Sender Address, Password, and Recipient Address 1. And choose the Email Content, Interval, and Schedule based on your need. Then click Save.

  • SMTP Server and STMP Port: The SMTP Server and the SMTP Port of the Sender Address.

The SMTP Server and the SMTP Port may vary depending on your email service provider. If you are using Gmail as the Sender Email, you may leave the default SMTP Server ( and default Port (465) unchanged. However, if you set other emails, such as Hotmail, Yahoo mail, as the Sender Email, you will need to input the corresponding SMTP server & SMTP port.

  • Sender Address: Input the address of the email that sends out motion alert emails.
  • Password: Input the password of the sender email. (For Gmail users, please generate the app password for Reolink app, and use it here as the Email password)
  • Recipient Address: Input the address of the email that receives motion alert emails. The recipient address can be the same as the sender's address.
  • Attachment: Select the content (text or pictures or videos) that will be attached to the motion alert emails. Attach video is not available for battery-powered cameras without smart detection and KEEN Ranger PT.
  • Email Interval: Once set, only one motion-alert email will be sent if the alarm is triggered multiple times during the time interval. Note: For battery-powered cameras, there are no settings for the email interval.
  • Email Schedule: Set up the time that you want your cameras to send you an email alert. It is currently not available for battery-powered cameras without smart detection and NVR without smart detection. Skip this step when setting up email for battery-powered cameras on Reolink Client. 
  1. Only when you can choose the Enable button can you set the schedule.
  2. One grid represents one hour.
  3. The blue grid (Alarm) means that the email will be sent when motion is detected, the blue grid (Timer) means the email will be sent according to the interval time you set above, and the grey one (None) means no email will be sent.
  4. And for the cameras which can support Human/Vehicle detection, you may choose one or more than one kind of motion (Any motion/Person/Vehicle) email to set the schedule.

Step 3. Click the Email Test to verify whether the information you have entered is correct.

You will see Succeeded if the email is set up successfully.

If you see Failed, please refer to Reolink Camera Email Test Failed and Sent Email Fail to troubleshoot the issue.





1. The headline of email alerts for each camera model may be slightly different. 

2. The headline of email alerts is set by default and cannot be customized.