When your cameras or NVRs are on the same LAN as your PC, you may add them via Reolink Client easily referring to the following methods.

Applies to: All Reolink Cameras and NVRs

Method 1. Automatically Add

  • If you have enabled the Add Device Automatically option under the local setting of the client, and the camera uses the default factory password (blank password), it will automatically show up on the client list and you can directly live view this camera.
  • If you have enabled the Add Device Automatically option under the local setting of the client, and you have set a password for it via other devices, it will also automatically show up on the client list, but it will also show an Incorrect Password error.

For example, Reolink Duo 2 WiFi is automatically added. You need to left-click this device or click the edit icon to call the Device Login page. Then you need to input the login password of Reolink Duo 2 WiFi, and please note that the default username is "admin".


Method 2. Scan Device in LAN

Step 1. Click the “+” at the left top corner.

The cameras in the same local network will automatically show up (if not, click the Refresh button), click the "+" button to add it.


Step 2. Then the Device Login page will pop out and you need to input the device's login password to live view the device.


Method 3. Manually add via IP/Domain

If you know your camera's IP address, you could add the device by IP address.

Step 1. Click the “+” at the right end of the Device, and then click IP/Domain.

Step 2. Enter the IP address of the device and click the blue Add button.

Note: you can find the IP address of your device while scanning in LAN or in your router interface.


After the Device Login page pops out, enter the password of your device, then you will be able to see the live stream.

Method 4. Manually add via UID

Usually, in the same local network, it's suggested to add the device to the client via the above three methods,  but for the battery-powered cameras, even connecting the same local network, please add to the client via UID rather than IP address. 

Refer to how to find the camera's UID

Please click the "+" button, choose UID, enter your camera's UID, then click on Add to enter your camera's password.
Then you will able to see a live stream via the Reolink client.