Reolink cameras are characterized by the time-lapse function. This article will introduce it to you.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras and NVRs except Reolink Lumus, Reolink Duo PoE, Reolink Duo WiFi, Reolink Duo(battery), Reolink Duo 4G, Reolink cameras with hardware version IPC_513/IPC_515/IPC_517, Reolink NVRs with hardware version H3MB02/H3MB06/H3MB16/H3MB18/N2MB02/N3MB01.

Time-lapse photography, also known as time-lapse video, is a shooting technique that compresses time. It shoots a group of photos or videos Later, by connecting photo series or extracting video frames, the process of several minutes, hours, or even several years is compressed into a short period of time and played as a video. In a time-lapse video, the process of slowly changing objects or scenes is compressed into a short period of time, presenting a wonderful scene that is usually undetectable by the naked eye.

The process of shooting time-lapse photography with a camera is similar to making a stop motion animation (Stop Motion), connecting a single still picture in series to get a dynamic video. It is a means of recording at regular intervals and reproducing the slow-changing process of the scene with obviously changing images.

For example, the blooming of flower buds takes about 3 days and 3 nights, which is 72 hours. One frame of it is shot every half an hour, and the slight changes in the flowering movement are recorded in sequence. A total of 144 frames are shot, and then they are projected on a projector at a normal frequency (24 frames per second) within 6 seconds.

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