Reolink keeps releasing more and more models that adopt the Smart Detection feature.

Please note that if your camera is TrackMix series, and there is any compatibility problem when it is connected to your NVR, please check your NVR system information and provide it to our support.

Please note that only the New Hardware version NVR can support the Smart Person/Vehicle Detection. And the new hardware version NVR recorder information is as below:

  • RLN8-410 NVR recorder with Hw No.N2MB02, Hw No.N3MB01, Hw No. N7MB01, or Hw No. H3MB18 (need to upgrade the firmware)
  • RLN16-410 NVR recorder with Hw No.H3MB18 or Hw No. N6MB01
  • RLN36
  • RLN12W

To know your NVR recorder hardware version, please go to the Menu of your NVR recorder > System > Info, then you will see the Hw No. of your NVR.

Refer to the example below:


For all Reolink NVR hardware versions and details, please refer to the Hardware Version of Reolink NVRs.

Note: Due to the hardware limitations, all other Reolink models don't support the Smart Person/Vehicle Detection feature even after the firmware upgrade.
For the cameras which can support Smart Person/Vehicle Detection, please refer to Which Camera Support Smart Person/Vehicle Detection