Applies to: Argus series, E1 series cameras and Reolink Lumus

The camera says connection to router succeededand then it says please run Reolink app, add the camera and set it up 

Cause 1: The reset button is broken or stuck.

solution 1: You can press the reset button with a needle or pin to check if it is stuck and can it bounce back.

 Cause 2: Software bug or configuration file is damage.

Solution 2: Please power off the camera first, then press the reset button to power on.

For Argus, Argus 2, Argus Pro, Reolink GO, please take off the battery, then install the battery while pressing the Reset button.

For Argus Eco, Argus PT, Reolink GO PT, please turn off the power switch, then turn on the power switch while pressing the Reset button.

For E1E1 proE1 zoom, Reolink Lumus, please unplug the DC adapter, then plug the DC adapter while pressing the Reset button.