Applies to: All Reolink cameras

Description of the phenomenon: The night live stream image is dark or blurry, but the daytime image is good.

Cause 1: Settings of the camera are not correct.


  • Infrared Lights setting: Please go to device settings to check whether the IR lights are enabled. And you may refer here how to enable Infrared Lights
  • Day/Night mode setting: Please go to device settings to check whether the Day/Night mode is " Auto". And you may refer here how to switch Day/night mode

Cause 2: External light source around the camera

Solution: If there is an external light source around the camera, then the IR lights of the camera will not on, in this situation, please turn off the external light source.

Or if possible, please install an external spotlight around the camera, and turn off the IR lights of the camera to see if the image will come back to normal.

Cause 3: Firmware issue

Solution: Please check your camera's firmware and upgrade it to the latest version. If you aren't sure whether your firmware is the latest or not, please contact Reolink support for help.

Cause 4: The installation environment

Solution: If the camera's part of the live view covered by the wall/big tree, it will be reflective to the camera lens, then the live stream image will be blurry. Please adjust the camera to avoid the wall/ big tree or something that reflective, then check again if the image will be better

Cause 5: Hardware defect of the camera

If you tried above and still blurry images at night, please hard reset the camera, then report to the support team.