Applies to: All Reolink NVRs


Issue Description: The videos are successfully downloaded from the NVR via the USB drive but failed to be played, or it shows file damaged when trying to play them.


Cause 1: The file was damaged during the download process.

Solution: Download the recordings from the NVR again. For those large videos, it is advised to download them one by one, instead of downloading them at once.


Cause 2: The recordings are damaged in the NVR.

Solution: Please check whether the recordings can be watched normally on the NVR. If you failed to watch the playbacks on the NVR, you can refer to Failed to Playback on NVR for further troubleshooting.


Cause 3: The format of the recording downloaded is not compatible with the video player.

Solution: If you originally download the MP4 format, please uncheck the MP4 option to download again, and vice versa. Besides, it is advised to try another video player, such as VLC player, Potplayer, MPC-HC player, and so on. 


Cause 4: The issue of the NVR's firmware.

Solution: upgrade the NVR's firmware version to the latest one. For more detailed upgrading information, you can refer to How to Upgrade the Firmware for Reolink Products


Cause 5: The USB used for backup is defective.

Solution: Format the USB drive and download the recordings from the NVR again. Or try another working USB drive.