Apply to: Reolink Argus series, E1 series and Reolink Lumus 

If you keep hearing the repeated Ding sound or "Please run Reolink App, add the camera and set it up" instead of moving on to the next step when setting up cameras via the client, it means the camera failed to read the QR code on your computer.

Note: If you hear the double-tone sound or "QR code doesn't match", please make sure you didn't scan the other camera's QR code to set up the current camera. Especially for Argus (the old generation) camera, please make sure you didn't mix up different cameras' rear covers, and please click here to troubleshoot.


Here are some causes for your reference:

Cause 1. The Lens is Dirty so that a Clear QR Code Image Cannot Be Obtained

Solution: Wipe the camera lens with a dry paper towel. For the initial setup, you can remove the protective tape on the lens.


Cause 2. The Screen is Too Near or Too Far From the Camera

Solution: Adjust the angle and the distance to make sure that the screen is 90° vertical to the camera at about 20cm (8 inches) away.

Note: For Argus Eco and Argus PT, make sure your computer screen is 90° vertical to the camera at about 30cm (12 inches) away.


Cause 3. The Light is Too Dim for the Camera to Recognize the QR code
Solution: Adjust the brightness on the computer screen to make sure the camera can scan the QR code and also do the operation in a bright environment.


Cause 4. The WiFi SSID and Password are Too Long

Solution: If your home SSID and password are too long, the QR code generated on your phone app will be complicated, then it will be hard for the camera to recognize.

It's suggested to set the WiFi SSID and password shorter and does not contain special characters to scan again.


If none of the options above can solve the problem, please contact the Reolink support for further help.