Applies to: All Reolink cameras

Description of the phenomenon: The night live stream image has white circles, glare, aperture, or light spot.

Cause 1: Something like the spider webs or flying insects around the camera lens

Solution:  Please check whether there is something around the camera lens especially at night. Please clear the camera lens to check again.

Or if possible, please install an external spotlight around the camera, and turn off the IR lights of the camera to see if the image back to normal.

Cause 2: It is raining at night 

Solution: Sometimes, if it is raining at night, you will see the white circles over the live image. 

In this situation, it is normal. Please wait for the rain stopped and check the live image again.

Cause 3: The camera was installed behind the window

Solution: If you install the camera behind the window, during the night, it will be reflective to the camera lens, the live image will be with white circles, glare, aperture, or light spot. Please move the camera installation to avoid the windows/mirror.