Applies to: Reolink cameras that can work with Google home

If the cameras stop responding for the voice command, or Google can no longer find the camera, below are the causes and solutions.

Cause 1. The Network Connection of Google Home and the Camera


1. Access the camera via 3/4G on the phone to see whether the camera has internet.

2. Restart Google Home device and make sure it has a good network connection.


Cause 2. Some Settings Have Been Changed on Reolink Side.


1. If you changed the camera name, please use the new name to command the camera.

2. Check whether the Smart Home skill of the camera is still enabled on Reolink App.

Note: If you have reset and reconfigured Reolink cameras, please enable "smart home" skill for the camera again on Reolink App.


3. If you changed the password or email address for Reolink account, please authorize Reolink smart home skill on Google Home App again.



Cause 3. Some Issues on the Camera Side.


1. Disable and enable Smart Home skill for the camera on Reolink App.

2. Upgrade the camera to the latest firmware.