Apply to: Reolink WiFi cameras except battery-powered one 

If you’ve connected your camera to the WiFi successfully and finished the wifi configuration, but it can’t reconnect after you unplug the cable or move it to the place where you want to install, here are some causes and solutions of this issue:


Cause 1. Failed to Save the WiFi Configuration

Solution: Replug the cable to the camera to check and reconfigure the WiFi information on the WiFi setting page. Please remember to click OK to save the settings before you unplug the camera from your router.

 Note: Please refer to the instruction here


Cause 2. Old Firmware

Solution: Upgrade the latest firmware for the camera. 

Note: How to upgrade the firmware, please refer to the instruction here


Cause 3. Poor WiFi Signal


1. Fasten or reinstall the antenna.

2. Install the camera in the position with a strong signal.

3. The obstacle between the camera and router will weaken the wifi signal, please install the wireless camera to somewhere with fewer walls and obstacles in between with the router.

4. Keep the wireless camera some distance away from appliances or electronic devices like a microwave, computer, wireless router, etc.

5. Change another wifi channel.

6. Install a wifi extender to strengthen the signal.


Cause 4. No Power for the Camera

Solution: If the socket where you want to install the camera cannot supply power to the camera, please check with another working socket.