Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras

Problems: Battery-powered camera had no response after resetting, neither prompt nor light.


Cause1: The user did not reset the camera properly.

Solution1: Reset the camera step by step, refer to:

How to reset Argus, Argus2, and Argus Pro

How to reset Reolink Go

How to reset Argus Eco

How to reset Argus PT


Cause2: The camera couldn't be powered.


①Reinsert the battery correctly and make sure that the pins are not bent or rusted.

Charge the battery by DC 5V2A, refer to: How to charge the battery

③Contact Reolink support if the battery was broken. (The battery status light didn't go on when charging with USB / The battery could be charged, but it could not power the camera (other batteries can power the camera).


Cause3: The camera was broken.

Problem3: The battery could be charged and power the camera, but there was no prompt after resetting the camera correctly.

Solution3: Contact Reolink support.