If you fail to upgrade firmware via Reolink NVRs, there are several possible causes and solutions for you to check.

Applies to: Reolink NVRs and Reolink cameras connected to the NVR.

Note: If a camera is directly connected to the NVR, you can only upgrade it via the NVR on a monitor, rather than the Reolink Client.

Cause 1. The new firmware you've downloaded does not match your device

Solution: You need to know the model of your device and its hardware version. Then go to Download Center and find the correct firmware.

If you’re not sure about it, please share the system info page with the support team and we will help you identify it. Please refer to How to Find out System Information (Firmware Version) via Reolink Software.

Cause 2. Operation error


NVR with Old UI: If you want to upgrade the NVR, please click Upgrade from USB. To upgrade the cameras, please click Upgrade IPC from USB


NVR with New UI: If you want to upgrade the NVR, please click Upgrade. To upgrade the cameras, please click Upgrade IPC


Cause 3. Corrupted/Not supported file

Solution: All firmware is in .pak format. The file you downloaded from the Download Center is the .zip file, please unzip it and save the .pak file into your USB drive.


Cause 4. The current firmware of your device is way too old

Solution: Please first upgrade the firmware to transitional firmware (newer than the device's current firmware but older than the latest one released on the download center), and then upgrade it to the latest one. If you do not have such transitional firmware, you can contact our support team for help.

Cause 5. Other possible issues

Solution: Please disconnect the NVR from the network (unplug the network cable), restore it to default then try to upgrade again. Here are something you should notice:

1. Use a PC to download firmware, unzip it, and copy the firmware file(.pak) to the USB drive.
2. Make sure to update cameras/NVRs individually.
3. Do not alter the original names of the firmware file.

If the problem still exists after going through the steps above, please contact Reolink Support Team for further help.