An order confirmation email will automatically send to the email you filled on the checkout page.

Below are the common cases for not received the order confirmation email:

1. Your order status is pending, the payment of the order is not finished.

2. Your order is automatically canceled. Pending order will be kept for 24 hours, otherwise it’ll be canceled automatically.

3. The email you filled on the checkout page is not correct. Or you wrong the email address you filled on the checkout page. You can check other emails inbox or spam emails.

4. The order confirmation email is blocked or sent to the spam emails. You can check the spam inbox. Refer to: Can't Receive Reolink Email Notification


For case 1 and 2, you can check the order status by login Reolink account via the email you filled on the checkout page, login-->my account-->orders.

For case 3 and 4, you can find an order ID starts with letter WC and 6 digits in the payment notification email, such as Order ID: WC-123456.


If you cant find the order number or order confirmation email, please feel free to contact via email with brief title Not receive order confirmation email”.