Below are factors that may affect the accuracy of the motion detection conducted by the camera.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras except battery-powered cameras

The motion detection sensor detects motions based on image differences. The camera will judge it as a motion when differences in 2 frames reach 0.5%-10% ( can be customized by adjusting motion detection sensitivity) of the image. When the live image changes, the number calculated and compared will exceed the threshold and instruct the system to make corresponding processing automatically.

Motion detection will be greatly affected by the motion detection zone & sensitivity you set for the camera. It will also be affected by the installation environment, the size of the moving object, the frequency of movement, the detection distance, etc. 

In addition, false alarms may happen due to light, wind, noise, and color switching. 

Motion detection settings include zone and sensitivity. Proper settings can help reduce false alarms effectively.