For products NOT shipped from the local warehouses (the recipient's address and the shipping warehouse are not in the same area or not in the same country) and without any customs fees declaration, we do NOT be held responsible for any duties, taxes (including VAT) and brokerage fees (if need be). These charges are recipient’s responsibility.


And for orders shipped to EU countries and the United Kingdom (EXCEPT several remote areas), there are few customs issues.


Several remote areas are:

• Germany: Busingen (ZIP Code:78266)

• the United Kingdom: St Helena, Pitcairn Islands, Montserrat, Gibraltar, Cayman Islands, British Virgin Islands, British Indian Ocean Territory, Bermuda, Anguilla

• France: areas with ZIP Code range 97000-99999

• Italy: Vatican City, San Marino, Livigno, Campione D'Italia

• Denmark: Greenland, the Faroe Islands

• Spain: areas with ZIP Code range: 07000-07999, 35000-35999, 38000-38999, 51000-51999, 52000-52999

• Finland: Åland Eilanden (ZIP Code range: 2200-2299)

• Portugal: Madeira, Azores, areas with ZIP Code range: 9500-9900, 9000-9499

• Greece: Mont Athos

For orders shipped to these remote areas listed above, the buyer may have to pay customs duties.

You can check where your order is shipped from in this article: Where Will My Orders Be Shipped From?