Here we'll show you the position of the built-in microphone for the following types of cameras.

  • Battery-powered camera: All Reolink battery-powered cameras
  • PoE camera: B400, B500, B800, B1200, D400, D500, D800, D1200, RLC-410, RLC-410-5MP, RLC-410S, RLC-420, RLC-420-5MP, RLC-511, RLC-520, RLC-522, RLC-510A, RLC-520A, RLC-810A, RLC-811A, RLC-812A, RLC-820A, RLC-822A, RLC-823A, RLC-823A 16X, RLC-824A, RLC-830A, RLC-833A, RLC-842A, RLC-1210A, RLC-1220A, RLC-1212A, RLC-1224A, Reolink Duo PoE, Reolink Duo 2 PoE, Reolink Duo Floodlight PoE, Reolink TrackMix PoE, RLC-81MA, Reolink Video Doorbell PoE
  • WiFi camera: C1, C1 Pro, C2, C2 Pro, E1, E1 Pro, E1 Zoom, E1 Outdoor, E1 Outdoor PoE, Reolink Lumus, RLC-210W, RLC-410W, RLC-410W-5MP, RLC-410WS, RLC-511W, RLC-510WA, RLC-511WA, RLC-523WA, RLC-542WA, Reolink Duo WiFi, Reolink Duo 2 WiFi, Reolink Duo Floodlight WiFi, Reolink TrackMix WiFi, Reolink Video Doorbell WiFi
Note: There is no built-in mic for RLC-423/RLC-423S/RLC-423WS so if you'd like to get audio, you need to install an external microphone for RLC-423/RLC-423S/RLC-423WS.