In a patrol route, the camera could patrol to different patrol points at different speeds, and stay at each patrol point for a different time duration. 

Applies to: RLC-423, RLC-423W, RLC-523WA, RLC-823A, and RLC-823A 16X.

Follow the steps below to customize the patrol speed and stay time for each patrol point.

Step 1. Launch the Reolink App and enter the Live View page of your camera, then tap the PTZ icon. Tap the Patrol icon as the picture shows below.

tap_ptz.jpg tap_patrol_icon.jpg

Note: If you haven't set any patrol route yet, click here to learn the guide on creating a patrol route.

Step 2. Tap the edit icon edit_icon.pngof a specific patrol point to adjust the duration of stay(s) and moving speed for the point. Then tap Confirm to save the settings. 

For example, the setting below means the camera will move to patrol point 1 at a speed of 20 and stay at that point for 3 seconds.



  • The unit of the stay time is second.
  • The larger the Speed, the faster the camera moves from the previous patrol point to that specific patrol point.

Step 3.  Customize the duration of stay and moving speed for other specific patrol points by repeating Step 2.