Standby mode is also called sleep mode, which is a low-power mode for electronic devices. This mode saves significantly on electrical consumption compared to leaving a device fully on and, upon resuming, allow the user to avoid having to reissue instructions or wait for a machine to reboot.

Applies to: Reolink battery-powered cameras.

Reolink PC Client could continue live viewing the battery-powered cameras for 5min and the Reolink phone App for 20min. If you receive a warning to tell you the camera will auto disconnect later, that is normal for saving battery.

Actually, when the camera is in standby mode, there is still WiFi or data transmission. The camera will communicate with the server every 20 seconds. The data cost is less than 0.5Kb per time.

Reolink battery-powered camera will enter the standby mode to save the battery life when no motion triggers and no user accesses it. For the normal triggers and use (10 times/day and 1 minute/time), the battery may last about 2 months.

Note: Reolink Go is different from other battery-powered cameras since it will communicate with the server every 2-9 minutes.

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