NVR is the abbreviation of Network Video Recorder. You can watch, browse, replay, manage, and store multiple webcams at the same time through NVR. 
This article will introduce the details of RLN8-410 and RLN16-410 two models.

1. Features

  • They have different hardware versions with old UI and new UI to manage the settings. Different hardware versions support different camera models. Please refer to Introduction to Hardware Versions of Reolink NVRs.
  • RLN8-410 has 8 PoE ports and RLN16-410 has 16. They can supply power for the plugged-in PoE cameras.
  • RLN8-410 has an internal HDD slot and an eSATA port. While RLN16-410 with the new UI has 2 internal HDD slots, the old UI has 2 internal HDD slots and 1 eSATA port.
  • There are 2 USB ports to connect a mouse or USB flash drive.

2. Appearance


3. Connection Diagram