If you want to confirm the video format of your camera, please check the following information.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras with SD cards and NVRs 

The video encapsulation format used by all Reolink cameras is MP4. So the video format downloaded via Reolink Client or Reolink App is MP4. But when using a USB disk to back up videos directly from Reolink NVR, you could choose either H.264 or MP4 video files.

Regarding the video compression format

Compression Type Product Line
H.264 WiFi/PoE cameras (4MP/5MP), Battery-powered cameras(2MP)
H.265 WiFi/PoE cameras (8MP/12MP), Battery-powered cameras(4MP), Duo 2 Series (6MP)

H.264 is the most widely used codec, with significant penetration in the optical disc, broadcast, and streaming video markets.

H.264 is a video compression technology. As a video codec, H.264 can be incorporated into multiple container formats and is frequently produced in the MPEG-4 container format, which uses the MP4 extension, as well as QuickTime (.MOV), Flash (.F4V), 3GP for mobile phones (.3GP), and the MPEG transport stream (.ts). Most of the time, but not all the time, H.264 video is encoded with audio compressed with the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) codec, which is an ISO/IEC standard (MPEG4 Part 3).

Most Reolink Cameras support H.264, but if you are using an 8MP camera and the image quantity is set to Clear (main stream), then the video compression format is H.265. Currently, Reolink cameras only support H.264 and H.265 video compression formats.