Installing the Reolink cameras properly is one of the prerequisites for a better user experience of Reolink cameras. If you are confused about how to install your camera, then you shouldn't miss out on this article.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras.

Different models of Reolink cameras may differ in their installation scenes. For example, some of them could be installed on the ceiling such as Reolink Dome cameras, while some of them could be installed on the trees such as Argus 3 Pro. Therefore, we collect all the installation guides for all Reolink cameras. Check it out according to your need.

Install Dome cameras, Bullet cameras and PTZ cameras:

Install Battery-powered Cameras:

Install E1 Series and Lumus:

Install Dual-lens Cameras:

Install Video Doorbell Cameras, FE and Floodlights: