When the HDD is full, the NVR will stop recording. If you want to make the NVR overwrite the old files automatically, refer to the below guides.

Applies to: All Reolink NVRs 

Old UI (Hw No H3MB16, H3MB02, H3MB06, H3MB17)

Step 1. Log in to the PoE NVR on the monitor, and go to Menu > Recording > Option page.


Step 2. Set the Overwrite to Yes, and click Apply to save your settings.


New UI (Hw No H3MB18, N2MB02, N3MB01, N5MB01, N6MB01, N7MB01)

Step 1. Log in to the NVR on the monitor, and go to the Settings page.


Step 2. Go to Surveillance > Record Settings.


Step 3. Click the arrow down icon under Overwrite and select the overwrite time.