This article will introduce what is packing time, which will help you understand and utilize the record function better.

Applies to: All Reolink Cameras and NVRs.

Reolink Cameras with microSD card pack a recording file for 5 minutes during the day (It means the camera works on the COLOR mode ), and 2 minutes at night (It means the camera works on the Black and White mode).

The pack duration of the recordings on Reolink NVRs could be set to 30/45/60 minutes, the default pack duration is 30 minutes.

Note: The packing time of the NVR system may not necessarily be the same as your settings. There are some other factors that will affect the pack duration:

1. The partition of the HDD. An HDD may have several partitions, once a partition is full, the recording file will be packed and the system will start a new recording in a new partition. Approximately, when the recording file reaches 64GB, it will be packed.

2. The end of each hour/day. At the end of each hour/day, for example, 1:59am-2:00am, the NVR may pack the previous recording and start a new recording.

3. The recording will stop and be packed if a camera is offline and restart when the camera is back online.