Different cameras own different hardware versions which decide the features and functions of cameras.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras.

Usually, the hardware version of Reolink battery-powered cameras begins with BIPC. B stands for battery, while the hardware version of PoE and WiFi cameras begins with IPC. 

Currently, Reolink PoE and WiFi cameras have the following hardware versions:

IPC_3816MPT, IPC_51316M, IPC_51516M5M, IPC_515B16M5M,  IPC_517SD5, IPC_513SD5, IPC_515SD5,  IPC_515SD6,  IPC_515BSD6, IPC_523SD8, IPC_523128M5MP,  IPC_523128M8MP, IPC_30K128M4MP, IPC_523SD10, IPC_529SD78MP, IPC_528B174MP, IPC_529B17B8MP, IPC_523B188MP, IPC_523D98MP, IPC_523128M12MP, IPC_52316M12MP, IPC_5128M, IPC_5158M5M, IPC_5158M5M, IPC_5158MP8M, IPC_56064M8M

 Reolink battery-powered cameras include these hardware versions: BIPC_523MIX32M21SD9B4MP, BICP_36S3216MC52, BIPC_36S3216MGUN3, BIPC_523MIX32M35C10A4MP, BIPC_36S7616MC94, and etc.

You may find out the hardware version of your cameras via Reolink App and Reolink Client.

For Reolink App: Log in to your camera and go to Device Settings > Device Info.




For Reolink Client: Log in to your camera and go to Device Settings > Camera > Info.