For Reolink devices, you have two options in terms of the IP address assigned to them: DHCP IP address or static IP address. This article intends to guide you on how to set up a DHCP/static IP address for your camera/NVR via Reolink Client.

Applies to: All Reolink cameras except battery-powered ones.

Here is a video for your reference:

Step 1. Launch Reolink Client and log in to your camera. Click the Device Settings icon. 


Step 2. Enter the Network page. Then click Set up at the end of Network Information.


For Reolink products, the default connection type is DHCP. The IP address is assigned automatically, which could not be changed manually.


Step 3. If you need to configure a static IP address for your camera/NVR, click the drag-down menu of Connection Type, and tick Static.


Step 4. Now you may manually type in the IP Address, Subnet Mask, and Gateway you want to configure for your camera. After entering all the information, please click Save to save your settings.



  • You could select Static DNS and enter DNS info, or leave it as Auto DNS (default). It's up to you.
  • It's recommended to use the camera's IP address assigned by your router automatically as the static IP.