Whether or not a Reolink product can support FTP depends both on the product model and the hardware versions. The table below lists the models and their corresponding hardware versions that can support the FTP feature. 

Product Model Support FTP Hardware versions
Reolink NVRs All NVRs except RLN36 All
PoE cameras

All PoE cameras

(except add-on cameras)

Plug-in WiFi cameras

All plug-in WiFi cameras

(except E1, E1 Pro, Lumus)

Battery-powered cameras Argus 3 Pro BIPC_566MIX16M35C10E4MP
Argus Track BIPC_560MIX32M35SD118MP
Argus Eco Ultra BIPC_560MIX16M35B238MP
Argus PT Ultra BIPC_560MIX16M35SD938MP
Duo 2 (battery)


Duo 2 LTE


Go Plus BIPC_560MIX4G16M25B1944MP
Go Ultra BIPC_560MIX4G16M25B1938MP
Go PT Ultra


Go Ranger PT BIPC_560MIX4G32M25SD938MP

Note: If you cannot find the FTP features for the above-mentioned battery-powered cameras, contact Reolink Support Team with a picture of the system information of your device.