If you want to set the camera to record constantly to FTP Server via Reolink App, please follow the below steps.

Applies to:  All Reolink products which can support FTP 

Note: Please verify that your FTP server is working properly before configuring FTP settings on Reolink App. If you don't have one, see how to build FTP Server on Your PC (Cerberus FTP Server). 

Step 1. Launch Reolink App, log to your device, and tape Settings > FTP Upload.


Step 2. Enable FTP Upload and complete the FTP Settings, then go to the Schedule page to choose Timer option.

To configure the FTP settings, refer to How to Set up FTP via Reolink App



Step 3. Click on the time bar to select the time period when you need to make the camera upload videos to FTP, then click on Enable.