Here we will take some examples to guide you on how to activate SIM cards from different providers. Check the guides below.

Applies to: Reolink Go, Go PT, Go Plus, Go PT Plus, Duo 4G, Duo 2 LTE, KEEN Ranger PT

  • Vodafone V-SIM card: It can be activated in Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Greece, and South Africa.  In Greece, you should seek help from staff in the physical store to activate the SIM card. For the other supported countries, you can follow the steps written in the Quick Start Guide (which will come in the package) to download the Vodafone App to activate the v-SIM card.


Note: The V-SIM card can't be placed in the mobile phone for the initial test, otherwise it will be locked or linked with your mobile phone and not possible to use on the camera.

As for activating SIM cards from other providers, please contact the specific SIM card operator for help.

If you buy the sim card from the local store, then it's suggested to take the camera to the store and activate the SIM card to use together.

If you buy the sim card online, please contact the online seller about how to activate the SIM card.