Reolink 4G cameras have three versions: US/EU(X)/AU, and you can choose the right version according to the region as follows.

Applies to: Reolink Go series, Go PT series, KEEN Ranger PT, Reolink Duo 4G, Reolink Duo 2 LTE, Reolink TrackMix LTE and Reolink TrackMix LTE Plus

  • US version: US, Canada, Mexico
  • EU(X) version: German, England, Italy, France, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Swiss, Ireland, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Hungary, Austria, Romania, Croatia, Finland, Belgium, Malta, Luxembourg, Bulgaria, Slovakia, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Ukraine, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Estonia, Iceland, Russia, Bolivia, Kuwait, Syria, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Israel, UAE, Hong Kong, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Zambia,  Morocco
  • AU version: Chile, Mexico (could work with US or AU version), Nigeria, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, South Africa, Colombia

If your country is not included in the above list, please contact Reolink support for help