Currently, Reolink Cloud is compatible with various Reolink camera models across different global regions (click Reolink Cloud Availability to learn more).

The video resolution saved to Reolink Cloud is not subject to the live-view resolution of your camera. You can change it manually on the Reolink App.

Follow the guide step by step to change the resolution for the video uploaded to the Reolink cloud.

Step 1. Launch the Reolink App and go to Cloud > Cloud Storage. If you haven't logged in to your Reolink cloud account, you need to log in first.

1._cloud_page.jpg  2._log_in_to_cloud.jpg

Step 2. Tap the plan you are using now. Then tap the device under this plan.

For example, the below picture shows you are going to change the video resolution for Argus Eco under the Basic Plan.

3._tap_the_plan.jpg  4._tap_on_the_device.jpg

Step 3. Tap Video resolution. There are two options for you: Clear or Fluent. You can tick the resolution you want.

5._Tap_video_resolution.jpg  7._change_resolution.jpg

Done! You've successfully changed the resolution of the video uploaded to Reolink Cloud.