If your Reolink devices support audio recording and you would like to enable it via web browser, this article is a quick guide for your reference. 

Applies to:  All Reolink devices which can support audio function (except battery-powered cameras, E1, E1 Pro, WiFi NVR, and Reolink Lumus)

Step 1. Log in to your camera in the web browser.


Step 2. Click the gear icon on the top right to get to the device settings page. 


Step 3. Click Camera > Audio. Toggle the switch to enable Audio. 


Step 4. Go to the preview or playback page, click audio_icon.png to enable the audio when you're viewing the camera. 



If your camera or NVR is with an old setting interface, you can refer to the instructions below: 

Step 1. Log into your camera or NVR in the web browser. Click the gear icon on the top right to get to the device settings page. 


Step 2. Click Recording > Encode. Tick to enable Record Audio. Click OK to save the setting. 


If your device is an NVR, click Channel to set up different cameras on different channels. 


Also, click Display > Output to enable Audio. 


Step 3. Open the Sound button on the preview or playback page.



The audio settings for mainstream and substream on the wifi NVR are independent of each other. Please remember to enable Audio Record for both mainstream and substream.