There are 2 types of PoE NVR (8-channels and 16-channels) and one NVR without PoE function (LRN36) sold on the Reolink website now. Please refer below for detailed information about the appearance and buttons on these NVRs.

Applies to: Reolink NVRs 

1. Here are the pictures and introduction of RLN8-410-E/ RLN8-410 PoE NVR


On the front side of the RLN8-410 PoE NVR:

  • USB port: it has one USB port that can be inserted with a U disk or mouse.
  • Power LED: If the Power LED is on, it shows that the NVR is powered up.
  • HDD LED: It shows whether HDD is detected in NVR or not and the working status of HDD. If HDD LED is on, it means that the HDD is detected by your NVR; If HDD LED keeps blinking, it means that your cameras are recording to your HDD or you are watching the playbacks on the NVR monitor.
  • The control panel can be used to control the monitor manually without using a mouse.


On the rear side of the RLN8-410 PoE NVR:

  • On/ Off Switch:  It can be used to turn on/turn off the electrical power in NVR. 
  • "Power input" interface: It is used to connect the NVR to Power via the power supply.
  • Audio Out: You need to connect the NVR to a speaker via the "Audio Out" interface to hear the sound of the recordings recorded by your cameras.
  • The USB port: It has the same function as the one in the front.
  • HDMI Port and VGA port: They can be used to connect NVR to the HDMI monitor or VGA monitor via HDMI cable or VGA cable.
  • eSATA interface: It can be inserted with an eSATA to extend the capacity of HDD in NVR, but PoE NVR can't power up the eSATA directly, so you need to power it up with another power supply.
  • LAN/Network interface: You can connect NVR to your router with an Internet cable via the LAN interface.
  • The 8 interfaces on the right side: They are used to connect Reolink cameras to the NVR directly via the internet cable.

2. Here are the pictures of RLN16-410 PoE NVR (new version)



The buttons and appearance of RLN16-410 PoE (new version) are basically the same as RLN8-410 PoE NVR, except RLN16-410 PoE NVR has 16 interfaces to connect 16 cameras by the internet cable and has no eSATA interface.

The old version of RLN16-410 had an eSATA interface and had no On/Off Switch.

Note: RLN8-410 and RLN16-410 (old version) are discontinued now. The old version of RLN16-410 had an eSATA interface and had no On/Off Switch.
3. Here are the pictures of RLN36

The buttons and appearance of RLN36 are basically the same as RLN8-410 PoE NVR, except for the following 3 parts.

7. USB port: RLN36 has 3 USB ports, while other NVR models have only 2 USB ports.

8. LAN port: RLN36 has 4 LAN ports, while other NVRs have the same number of ports as their channel number. For how to connect these 4 LAN ports, please refer to Getting Started with RLN36

10. Alam in/Out: RLN36 support the I/O alarm, which is based on these 2 connection interfaces. Please check how to use this function referring to How to Set up Alarm In/Out on NVR