The waterproof lid is designed for Reolink cameras, which is used to cover the Ethernet cable connector to prevent water intrusion and ensure the RJ45 connector works and has a long-lasting performance. 

Applies to: Reolink cameras except for battery-powered cameras, E1 series cameras, and Lumus


  • Reolink provides a waterproof lid for Reolink PoE cameras in the product box. Here is the way to install it: How to Install Waterproof Lid
  • Reolink doesn't provide a waterproof lid for Reolink WiFi cameras in the product box, but if the WiFi cameras are installed outdoors, it's better to purchase a waterproof lid, and the installation way is the same as POE cameras.

The inner diameters of Reolink waterproof lids are 1.7 cm and 1.4 cm (as the pictures show). And the waterproof accessories are called RJ45 waterproof kits, which are available online and in other stores.

1.4cm waterproof lid.png1.7cm waterproof lid.png