1. The working temperature of Reolink Solar Panel is "-10℃~+55℃(14°F~131°F)".  A temperature lower than -10℃ will significantly slow down the chemical reaction of the camera's batteries and Reolink Solar Panel. At the same time, cameras will indicate a low battery level.

For the safety of your camera and the Solar Panel, please charge the batteries at temperatures between 0°C and 45°C (32-113°F), and do not use the camera if the temperature drops below -10°C(14°F).

2. The working humidity of the Reolink Solar Panel is 10%~90%.  Reolink Solar Panel is IP65 waterproof.

3. Reolink Solar Panel needs to be working with no obstacles such as shades of trees, buildings, etc or its working efficiency would drop drastically.

4. Reolink Solar Panel needs to obtain efficient sunlight to generate electricity so the working weather needs to avoid long periods of gloom, cloud, and rain.

If you find that your Reolink solar panel has stopped charging your Reolink battery-powered cameras, please refer to Why Reolink Solar Panel Stop Charging Reolink Battery-Powered Cameras